Primary Goal: Community Development

Group Served: Whole community in Halftown, Maze, Eglantine, and Calcavey

Location: Halftown/Maze

Aims of Business Plan: Premises, Education, Health, Environment, Community Safety, Housing

Main Goals: Education and training programmes (skilled based), provide opportunities for progression route to university, development of former Maze Prison site, Early Years education

5-Year Objectives:

  • Provide opportunities for progression route to university
  • Development of former Maze Prison site
  • Sustainable development of Halftown hall
  • Increase health and physical activity of persons of all ages
  • Increase local core services
  • Improve child care
  • Develop all age education
  • Increase quality of life
  • Create a safe and clean environment
  • Retain a rural environment
  • Decrease isolation
  • Decrease crime
  • Input into the Maze development
  • Increase the amount of social housing
  • Retain young people from the area


  • Extend the hall, committee room, and storage of the Halftown hall
  • Develop sports facilities
  • Create a homework club
  • Develop and teach parenting programmes
  • Introduce an advice support provision
  • Develop skilled based training for employment
  • Develop and teach life skills programmes for adults
  • Develop courses on healthy eating, men’s health issues, get active (waling, dancing, swimming, keep fit) programmes, and offer support and advice
  • Create an outdoor exercise park for senior citizens
  • Develop a new social enterprise for the health care provision of senior citizens
  • Create a new play park
  • Form a buffer zone from the Maze site
  • Increase public transportation
  • Improve allotments (walks, green area)
  • Install speed ramps
  • Begin a Rural Watch (community safety)
  • Increase lighting
  • Develop a better working relationship with N.I.H.E.
  • Implement a points concession system for local people who go onto the housing list



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