Primary Goal: Community development

Group Served: All residents of the County Down area of Lisburn

Location: Hillhall Estate

Aims of Business Plan: Premises, Education, Health, Environment, Community Safety, Housing

Main Goals: Increase educational attainment, training and employment for people of all ages, finish the various halted projects

5-Year Objectives:



  • Increase educational attainment for both children and young people
  • Decrease unemployment
  • Address and decrease mental illness
  • Finish various environmental projects that have been postponed due to lack of funding
  • Increase community safety


  • Develop educational and training programmes for young people
  • Create more social economy businesses
  • Develop a Lisburn SureStart
  • Develop a counselling model for the Greater Lisburn area
  • Lobby government for the continuation of various environmental projects
  • Train and recognize volunteers



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