Primary Goal: Pre-school care and education

Group Served: Children aged 2 years 11 months until school aged

Location: Old Warren

Aims of Business Plan: Premises, Education, Health, Environment

Main Goals: New building, larger numbers, and more staff

5-Year Objectives:

  • Create a space that allows central access for all families
  • Move with the times and compete with other schools
  • Provide quality pre-school education
  • Support a new building and larger numbers and enable the pre-school to flourish
  • Provide equal opportunities to access training within the area for all parents
  • Improve the attitude of health
  • Maintain equipment


  • Obtain a new, larger building and relocate to a more central premises
  • Increase numbers
  • Hire more staff
  • Update the design of the pre-school
  • Involve parents in training and education on low self-esteem, the impact of parenting, learning through nurturing, and depression
  • Obtain support from the health agency
  • Keep equipment locked away when Raggety Bap is closed


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