The Welcome ProjectPrimary Goal: Support minority ethnic rights

Group Served: Minority ethnics in the Lisburn area

Location: LaganView Enterprise Centre, 69 Drumbeg Drive, Lisburn BT28 1NY

Aims of Business Plan: Premises, Education, Health, Environment, Community Safety

Main Goals: Learn about and obtain further funding, develop courses and programmes to better bring ethnic minority youth and adults together with the greater community

5-Year Objectives:

  • Children and young people from all backgrounds meeting
  • Raise self-esteem, employability and provide the opportunity for socialising for minorities
  • Increase awareness on health issues
  • Secure areas where members of both communities will feel comfortable to come and enjoy the diversity


  • Develop one, shared facility for all youth clubs
  • Each youth club having their own wall to display their work
  • Secure provision for a number of relevant courses and training for minorities
  • Obtain access to crèche facilities
  • Educate both minorities and indigenous communities on different cultures, traditions, mutual respect, and tolerance
  • Obtain further funding
  • Implement new programmes on mental health
  • Obtain access to all facilities and services



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