Today we are pleased to make public our Community Response Plan to help support and assist some of the most vulnerable sections of our community.

To date we have:

  • Delivered over 5000 leaflets to homes within three Council DEAs
  • Had over 500 face to face interventions / discussions with the most vulnerable members of our community
  • Engaged with external partners, political representatives and local Authority
  • Set in place protocols and guidelines for staff and volunteers to work safe within this environment
  • Applied for three sources of external funding to help address the challenges
  • Launched our Coronavirus community response hardship fund appeal, (RT have donated £5,000 from our reserves into this fund)
  • Created an emergency distribution centre at Laganview which will service our staff and volunteers
  • Opened a soup kitchen in the Highway Inn which delivers free ready meals to up to 200 vulnerable / isolated people weekly (over 2 separate days)

The response and feedback has been overwhelming and some of the stories we are hearing from very vulnerable families / individuals is truly heart-breaking. We are committed to delivering this plan for the foreseeable future but like many other organisations we are in challenging times and will need funding from local and central government to sustain it through this crisis. We will keep you up to date with any further developments.

To view our full plan please click here