On Thursday 21st June 2018 members of Resurgam Youth Bank held a bag packing event within the Tesco’s store situated at Bentrim Road, Lisburn. They raised a fantastic amount of £217.60!

The Youth Bank would like to take the opportunity to extend our gratitude to the Tesco’s staff for their hospitality and the kind shoppers on the day who took the time to donate to such a worthy cause.

Resurgam Youth Bank are part of Youth Bank Ireland . What is Youth Bank?

A YouthBank is a unique way of involving young people in grant-making within their local community. It is an all-island of Ireland initiative of over 25 grant-making committees run by young people.

The funding distributed by these decision-making committees supports projects designed and run by young people that address issues and concerns relevant to them and their community.

YouthBank is not just about giving out grants, it is a personal development programme, which will build young people’s self-esteem and confidence and provide them with an opportunity to learn new skills in leadership, team-work, decision-making, problem-solving, communication, empathy development, negotiation, report-writing, presentation skills, event management, interview skills and lots, lots more.