LaganView Enteprise Centre logoLaganView was officially established as a company limited by guarantee in April 2004 but was not officially opened until 25th April 2008. The centre was officially opened by Alderman Paul Porter and the children of Raggety Bap (Old Warren’s pre-school facility). This was a two day celebratory event with a formal ceremony being held initially followed by a Family Fun Day.

The centre was funded as follows:

  • International Fund for Ireland £405,000
  • Lisburn City Council £319,886
  • Department for Enterprise, Trade & Investment £299,481
  • Northern Ireland Housing Executive granted land £600,000

LaganView is a non profit making social enterprise which is recognised as a charity by the HM Revenue & Customs. It is also governed by a voluntary Board of Directors made up of community representatives and advisors from the local council and public bodies.

It totals a 10,000 sq ft project comprising of three commercial units, three workshop units, four office suites, a multi-purpose community hall with adjoining kitchen facilities, a modern training room, a small “quiet” room  and a high-tech IT suite complete with 12 laptops, free Internet access, colour and black & white printers and scanners.

LaganView aims to promote the ethos of the Social Economy Sector across the City of Lisburn and has a strong commitment to contributing to the social and economic development in the area.   LaganView Enterprise Centre hopes to establish and strengthen community networks and opportunities are always taken to promote the centre to the wider community to increase participation in training and support.

The centre aims to do this by providing appropriate community facilities to local groups and residents by way of a large community hall, 2 first floor training rooms, an IT Suite and a quiet room mainly used for counselling or therapeutic purposes.  LaganView Enterprise Centre also encourages an enterprise culture within Old Warren by providing workshop, retail type and office units to attract, support and develop businesses to be competitive and invest in the Old Warren to assist with its social and economic development.

LaganView is currently experiencing full occupancy something which is a great achievement in these hard economic times. Such tenants include:

Colin SureStart-Commercial Unit 1

LaganView Convenience Store –Commercial Unit 2

  • Barkingham Palace, dog grooming parlour-Commercial Unit 3
  • Lisburn Community Self Build-Workshop Unit 1
  • The Resurgam Community Development Trust -Workshop Unit 2
  • Lisburn PSP Lisburn South Streets Ahead Project-Workshop Unit 3
  • South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust-Office 1
  • LaganView Management and Administration-Office 2
  • The Resurgam Community Development Trust-Office 3
  • The Welcome Project (ethnic minority project)-Office 4

Interms of job creation since LaganView has been opened in April 2008 it has successfully created 34.5 jobs in terms of full time and part-time position, a figure which is way beyond the Department of Enterprise Trade & Investment’s target of 19.5 in five years. In fact this set figure was met by December 2008, something which the Board of Directors is very proud of.

It is anticipated that LaganView will continue to flourish and support from community groups and the business sector will continue to increase. In fact there are many opportunities ahead for LaganView one of these being a proposed expansion of the centre to accommodate more commercial units and office space.

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