The Resurgam Trust welcomes support from businesses. Businesses can support us in a number of ways and below we have listed just a few benefits we believe will be attractive to businesses to partner with ourselves.

A corporate partnership with The Resurgam Trust could offer you:

  • The opportunity to generate positive PR
  • Enhance staff morale and development by offering volunteering activities and team-building opportunities (taking part in fundraising)
  • Increase your own company profile
  • Boost your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) credentials
  • Give you a unique selling point over your competitors
  • Increase sales of one of your particular products
  • Potential for strategic advice
  • Introductions to other companies and organisations
  • Team building opportunities
  • An opportunity to show good corporate citizenship in action

Gifts in Kind:

We also very much appreciate “gifts in kind” from corporate supporters. We are constantly in need of technological support, office and building products, refreshments and craft materials for children and young people, merchandise suitable for competition prizes, and services for our projects. What’s more, gifts in kind are a tax efficient way of supporting The Resurgam Trust. The original cost, which you incurred in purchasing the goods, is allowable as an expense when calculating your profits, which are liable for tax. For VAT purposes, the gift to a charity for resale is zero-rated; this means that you are allowed to reclaim any VAT as a result of donating goods to The Resurgam Trust.

If your company is interested in making a donation or providing sponsorship towards the cost of a wide variety of our activities or projects, please contact Vince Curry by calling 02892 670 755 and he will be able to go through all the various options which we believe will meet your needs.

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