Chandler, Age 15, Hilden

I have been involved with the Resurgam youth provision from the age of 11. At present I still currently attend the Hilden Community Youth group and the Hillhall/Hilden Young Men’s Group. During my involvement within the youth provision I have been afforded the opportunity to partake in cross community work through a Boat Building trip to Cork alongside acquiring a range of qualifications including a Level 1 in Equality and Diversity, Level 1 Peace and Reconciliation and accredited sexual health and drug and alcohol awareness programmes.  In the coming months I am hoping to pursue the OCN Level 1 in Youth Leadership as I would be interested in pursuing a career within youth work and community development. At present I am volunteering with the Lisburn SAFE Project commissioned by Resurgam and I am enjoying the experience which this is giving me, particularly in building up relationships within my local community and maintaining the safety of others within my community, especially the younger generation.

Through my involvement within the youth provision I have grown in confidence and maturity. My school work has seen a dramatic improvement, in that, I am more committed to acquiring qualifications, through being more aware of their value in enhancing my future employability.  The youth provision has also enabled me to establish new relationships with young people from different religious and cultural backgrounds, which has made me more receptive to differences in modern day society.

The youth provision is an essential force within my local community. It helps to keep us young people off the street, by providing us with a safe environment where we can engage in recreational activities alongside our friends.

Shannon, Age 17, Hilden Area

I have been involved within the Resurgam youth provision from the age of 13; participating in groups under both the SEELB funded Old Warren Youth Initiative and the lottery funded Streets Ahead Project.  Through participating within the youth provision I have been given the opportunity to avail of a range courses and activities which have strengthened and built on my social, emotional and personal development. Throughout the course of my involvement with the Resurgam youth provision, I have acquired qualifications including Level 1 Peace and Reconciliation, OCN Level 1 in Youth Leadership, First Aid, Level 1 Equality and Diversity , Finger Print Learning, Sexual Health, Drug and alcohol awareness, which have greatly enhanced my academic profile and employability. Through the youth provision I have had the opportunity to undertake voluntary work as a youth worker, gaining a Millennium volunteers certificate at the SEELB presentation ceremony in 2012, which has equipped me with skills in relation to my work with children and as part of a team of staff. These are skills which will be of value to me in the future, in terms of preparing me for encounters within the workplace.

Being involved within the youth provision has also improved my social skills through strengthening my relationships within my community and in particular with my peers. As a result of my involvement, I have learnt to appreciate diversity within individuals and demonstrate a greater tolerance for differences in beliefs and values within society.

Having the youth provision within my local community has been extremely beneficial as it provides us young people within the area, with a safe environment, where we can access guidance, advice and support from youth work staff on a range of issues which are impacting on our wellbeing.

Chief Inspector Darrin Jones, PSNI Area Commander for Lisburn

The Resurgam Trust is a unique project aimed at delivering positive change throughout Lisburn by the creation of strong partnerships between statutory and voluntary sectors. As Area Commander for Lisburn, I am delighted to be involved in many aspects of the work the Trust delivers.  Quite often as a Police service we deal with the symptoms of social deprivation and educational and economic disadvantage within communities. It is refreshing to work with a body that has developed a long term plan to address these issues and are investing in the future of their community in a really constructive way. I wish the Resurgam Trust every success as they move forward.

Theresa Villiers, The Rt Hon Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

“I was pleased to visit the Resurgam Trust on Friday 4th January 2013 and was impressed with the excellent work that the Trust is undertaking in Lisburn. I wish you every success for the future.”

Nelson McCausland MLA, Minister for Social Development

“I know that the Resurgam Trust is committed to working in partnership with a range of public, private and community sector bodies to tackle disadvantage and promote regeneration. This project can deliver real change and contribute to social, economic and community regeneration throughout the Lisburn area. I would also wish to see other communities benefit from the best practice being established through the Resurgam Trust model. It is a strong example of how a community organisation with a ‘can do’ attitude and a strong voluntary ethic can deliver services to those most in need and contribute to real improvements to peoples’ lives and to the communities which they serve.

The name Resurgam means “I will rise again”. I hope that you will keep on rising to the challenge of delivering strong and sustainable communities and making a difference to the lives of those who are most in need. I wish you every success with this pilot project and look forward to returning to see positive progress as your business vision, ideas and plans become a reality. I have every confidence that your hard work and dedication will pay dividends for the people of Lisburn.”

Vernon Coaker MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

I was really pleased to visit the Laganview Enterprise Centre and see some of the fantastic work being done by the Resurgam Trust. It a shining example of the role that social enterprise can have in developing communities, and the range and reach of the Resurgam Trust’s activity is making a hugely positive impact on people in the Lisburn area. I wish them continued success.

Jeffrey Donaldson, MP for Lagan Valley

“I am delighted to have worked closely with the Resurgam Trust since its foundation and have been deeply impressed by the excellent work that they have undertaken to improve the lives of many who live within our local communities. As the name of the Trust implies, its primary purpose is to bring about renewal within local communities following the period of conflict in Northern Ireland by investing in people and in community facilities.

“A big emphasis of trust is on social enterprise so that the communities facilities can become self-sustaining over a period of time. Through their valiant efforts, the Trust have seen their local communities transformed and the opportunities for young people greatly enhanced through both employment and social activity. As we look to the future, the Trust through its activities offers the hope that the communities it works with will enjoy brighter times and not have to live under the shadow of the dark days of the past.

“As local MP, I am proud to bring many visitors to the Laganview Enterprise Centre to view at first hand the work that is undertaken by the Resurgam Trust in our local communities and to hear of the benefits that this has brought for many local people. I wish the Trust continued success with all that they do.”