What is SPRING Social Prescribing?

It helps people aged 18+ to address social, emotional and practical needs by connecting them to sources of support within their community to improve their health and well-being

How does SPRING Social Prescribing work?

SPRING Social Prescribing enables a GP or Primary Health Care professional to refer patients to community support programmes and activities. These patients may suffer from one or a combination of the following issues:
Social isolation
Low mood
Mild depression
Long term conditions
Physical inactivity 

These support programmes and activities may include:

  • Social clubs
  • Physical activities
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Counselling
  • Peer support groups for those with long term conditions
  • Advice and guidance
  • Volunteering groups / opportunities

Accessing Social Prescribing Services?

If you are an individual and feel you could benefit from the above please speak to your GP or Primary Health Care professional and ask them to contact Nichola on the details below.

If you are a GP or Primary Health Care professional and believe some of your patients could benefit from SPRING Social Prescribing please also contact Nichola to set up a meeting.

Contact Details:
Nichola Smyth
The Resurgam Trust Healthy Living Centre, 69 Drumbeg Drive, Lisburn BT28 1Q
Telephone 02892 528233
Mobile 07935 220403
Email nichola.smyth@resurgamtrust.co.uk

SPRING Social Prescribing is a partnership between the Healthy Living Centre Alliance and Scottish Communities for Health and Wellbeing. Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund SPRING Social Prescribing has a network of 30 community health partners delivering Social Prescribing services in Northern Ireland and Scotland. For more information on the Healthy Living Centre Alliance click here