Current Member Projects:

  • Resurgam Womens Network
  • Lisburn Area Ladies Unite
  • Hillhall/Old Warren After School Clubs
  • Lisnagarvey Friendship and Support Group
  • Managing Community Change
  • Hillhall/Old Warren Young Mothers Group
  • Resurgam Youth Initiative
  • Bi-Lingual Youth Project
  • Big Lottery Fund Empowering Young People
  • Halftown Monday Club
  • Dig Deep
  • Hillhall Senior Citizens
  • Old Warren Senior Citizens Saturday Night Club

The Resurgam Trust deliver a Community Investment Fund programme for the Department of Communities which provides support to communities under the umbrella of Resurgam Trust by assisting them in the creation of sustainable environments through establishing and maintaining links with local and regional regeneration initiatives supported by statutory interventions to deliver services within the areas.

The programme:

  • assists communities to support regeneration through capacity building to support individuals and organisations to create and enhance local management structures to participate fully to their strengths and become key stakeholders within any regeneration initiatives.
  • enables communities, through developing leadership skills, to implement policy and community plans which can work towards achieving sustainability and gain confidence of stakeholders.
  • assists and support community organisations through a process of change during the development of local management structures which will include ensuring there is effective communication at all levels and that good governance is adhered to.
  • enables communities to assist in the process of social enterprise through matching community needs with existing and new enterprise opportunities and through the identification and development of workers and volunteers to assist in the delivery and management through support and participation on boards.
  • enables communities to utilise current methods of assessing need, planning, delivery and measurement of impact. Methods and tools include Community Asset Mapping, Co-production, Community Asset Transfer, Community Planning and Impact Frameworks.

Key outcomes include:

  • Improved management structures
  • Improved relationships between social enterprise and community activity
  • Increased skills for social enterprise developed within the community
  • Increased community capacity and participation in regeneration activities
  • Improved opportunities for local employment and training
  • Increased engagement with policy development structures to inform and measure delivery
  • Increased community ownership of assets (Community Asset Transfer)

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