What is Early Intervention Lisburn?

Early Intervention Lisburn Partnership is led by the Resurgam Trust and includes representatives from the community, statutory and voluntary agencies. It is a locality planning group with the aim of developing a collective plan to improve outcomes for children, young people and families in Lisburn.

‘The Best for Every Child’ Reports 2012 & 2019

The research report ‘The Best for Every Child’ 2012 (PDF),
First Review of the 2012 Report Full Document of BFEC Review (PDF)

Both reports involved extensive consultations with a wide range of community organisations, schools and professional agencies working in Lisburn. It highlighted the needs of the disadvantaged areas in Lisburn; the desired outcomes for children and young people and the evidence for taking an early intervention approach.

The evidence of the research demonstrates increasing social problems and poor outcomes for children which despite the best efforts of organisations remain unaddressed.  The most striking message from the report is that early intervention clearly works. ‘When it is an appropriate intervention, applied well, following timely identification of a problem; and mobilised as early as possible maximum impact and long-term sustainability can be achieved’.

Some examples of Early Intervention Lisburn in action:

Help Kids Talk project includes:

Key messages are communicated monthly via the Help Kids Talk Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms and sent by email to all relevant partners and providers of children’s services to support the development of speech, language and communication

Basic awareness training for everyone who has a responsibility for children

Early Talk Boost (9-week targeted programme for children 3-4 years old with delayed language) in playgroups and nurseries in Lisburn

Talk Boost (10-week targeted programme for children 4-7 years old with delayed language) in primary schools in Lisburn

Level one, two and Advanced level training is in development

Mental Health and Wellbeing project includes:

A Youth Committee of 10 young people who are the voice of their peers and inform the design, planning and delivery of the project

Trauma Informed training for all organisations who have a responsibility for children and young people

Direct support for parents/carers to support their and their children/s mental health and wellbeing

Direct support for children and young people to support their mental health and wellbeing, build resilience and gain strategies on how to deal with stressful situations

Mental Health Champions support their colleagues and service users through brief intervention to build positive options aimed at enhancing wellbeing and resilience, and support problem solving, goal setting and/or relapse prevention

Parenting Support includes:

Supporting organisations across Lisburn to deliver the Incredible Years series of programmes in early year’s settings and primary schools

Working in partnership with the Family Support Hub and relevant partners to identify gaps in service provision and lobby commissioners and consider funding opportunities to fill those gaps

If you need any further information on EIL please Mabel Scullion, Early Intervention Programme Manager, via the following email mabel.scullion@barnardos.org.uk

To view the latest copy of EIL Directory of Services for Lisburn please click here

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