Formed in 1988, Halftown Residents Association aims to:-

  • Maintain and manage a community hall for use by all the community
  • Make available information and advice on relevant issues
  • Organise, or assist in organising meeting with statutory and voluntary authorities
  • Assist in promoting and carrying out research, surveys and investigations
  • Address inequalities in education, health and social exclusion
  • Improving the conditions of life for all the residents.

Halftown Residents Association delivers outcomes for the local community by linking with support services, including MLK Corporation and Lisburn Castlereagh City Council developments.  The hall is supported by service providers including South Eastern HSC Trust, Education Authority NI, TADA Rural Support Network, Police and Community Safety Partnership, targeting Community Health Development; Youth Services; Community Safety.

Halftown Residents Association have recently completed a community survey to identify needs within the area.  Key findings from this survey include:

  1. Improved access to services in Lower Maze Community Hall
  2. Development of the outdoor area
  3. More equipment for hall to accommodate user groups
  4. More local history events

Halftown Residents Association support the Lower Maze Community Hall whicjh benefits the community by providing a social space which reduces isolation and vulnerability.  Access to Basic Services is a key element of the work within the Community Hall and this is evident by the number of groups and their diversity.  Volunteers are a key element of the group and they achieve a sense of purpose and gain training and skills to work with those within a rural community who need social activity and support, for example, young people and older people.

Lisburn Castlereagh Community Plan

Halftown Residents Association complements the Lisburn Castlereagh Community Plan in the following areas:

  • Health & Well-beingOlder people age actively and more independently to stay well and connected. Fuel poverty is reduced (online purchasing in bulk).
  • Our Community – We identify positively with our local neighbourhoods: urban, suburban and rural.
  • The Economy – The benefits of growth and development are distributed fairly across society.

Our Funders