Primary Goal: To assist Hilden area and residents

Group Served: The whole community in Hilden, including Glenmore, Low Road, and Roseville

Location: Hilden

Aims of Business Plan: Premises, Education, Health, Environment, Community Safety, Housing

Main Goals: Community facilites

5-Year Objectives:

  • Deliver larger programmes and activities
  • Increase employment opportunities
  • Increase opportunities for children
  • Decrease suicide and self-harm
  • Enhance personal health
  • Preserved nature and wildlife in green areas
  • Address the roads issues
  • Tackle anti-social behaviour
  • Increase capacity within the area and the meet local housing demand


  • Gain more funding
  • New development in derelict shops
  • Acquiring the vacant Hilden Primary School for community use
  • Create a Self-Build project specific to Hilden
  • Open a community nursery
  • Develop a drop-in centre for mental health awareness
  • Develop a fitness club
  • Develop a drugs and alcohol awareness group
  • Teach a suicide awareness course
  • Create more recycling points for bottles, clothes etc.
  • Monitor parks
  • Install speed ramps
  • Create neighbourhood watch schemes
  • Gain more police support on the ground with better response units
  • Develop advice and support programmes for senior citizens
  • Refurbish houses and put in acceptable conditions
  • Acquire land to build new houses on

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