Edwin Poots thanks Lisburn SAFE for assisting an injured neighbour in Hillhall

The Lisburn SAFE Project is a new community safety initiative by the Lisburn PSP

The aim of the initiative is to create a community environment which is safe, free from criminality, anti-social behaviour and a connected community in which we can all respect each other’s core values and be proud to live, work, socialise and play.

The project addresses issues of low level crime such as anti – social behaviour, reporting of crime and acting as a signposting service.

We have a large number of trained community safety volunteers across areas of Old Warren, Hillhall, Hilden and the Maze.

All volunteers undergo an access NI security check and take part in relevant training programs to be able to volunteer on the project. After the training period volunteers will work in their own areas and be managed and supported by Lisburn SAFE project staff. Development and training for volunteers is on-going and we are committed to their continued development in respect of their skills and knowledge

The role of community safety volunteers will be:

  • To provide a reassuring presence
  • To tackle anti-social behaviour
  • To be a trusted friend for the community
  • To improve access to local authority services
  • To provide information and sign post public services
  • To promote social inclusion and address isolation of the vulnerable individuals within our community
  • To promote community solidarity and encourage communities and neighbourhoods to identify and solve problems

Community Safety Volunteers will work on an as needed basis and respond to community need, enabling them to address local problems as and when they occur within the community in which they volunteer.

Any member of the community can contact their Community Safety Volunteers by mobile phone on the following area numbers below:

  • Old Warren Area – 07562 014 189 or 07562 014 198
  • Hilden / Low Road Area – 07851 094 419
  • Hillhall Area – 07562 014 184
  • Maze Area – 07851 094 413

As well as the above service we have trained volunteers who can carry out low level gardening tasks such as grass cutting, hedge trimming and driveway clearance in winter. This service is for the vulnerable and elderly residents in the areas the project covers and subject to eligible criteria.

The Lisburn SAFE project is not a replacement for the PSNI and they DO NOT have any enforcement powers however they will be working in support of local policing teams.

We would highlight that if you are a victim of crime you should contact Lisburn Police on 0845 600 8000. In an emergency you should contact 999

We have come up with a set of guidelines for volunteers to use when out in community. To view these please click here

If you would like any further information on the Lisburn SAFE project or would like information on how to volunteer please contact Jonathan McMullan Volunteer Co-Ordinator on mobile 07740 338 670.

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