On 9th September 2019, Supporting Communities held a graduation event at Belfast City Hall to mark the success of their 2018/19 graduates who all gained OCN NI qualifications. The learners came from different community groups to celebrate their achievements and officially receive their certificates of completion in courses such as Community Capacity Building (CCB), Understanding Social Enterprise, Community Development, and Tenant Participation.

2 of our volunteers were present at the above event, Sharon McCormick and Andrea Wiltshaw from Hillhall Regeneration Group. Both were there to be presented with their certificates for Community Development Level 3. Andrea (Community Development Worker for Hillhall Regeneration Group) was also presented with a special award for ‘Excellence in Learning’. Andrea has completed Supporting Communities Community Capacity Building Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and has now received a certificate for her latest course, Community Development Level 3, amassing over 350 classroom and learning hours in the past three years. Andrea received her award from Colm McQuillan, the Housing Executive’s Director of Housing Services.

Adrian Bird Trust Director of Resurgam, “On behalf of The Resurgam Trust I would like to pass on my congratulations to both Sharon and Andrea on passing their level 3 in Community Development. Both are great assets to our Community and Andrea’s individual award was well deserved as she is always willing to learn new skills for the betterment of herself and indeed her community “

The event was sponsored by OCN NI, Connswater Homes, the Housing Executive, and Belfast City Council.