Lisburn Community Self Build Ltd is a social economy construction business, formed in 2000, which also provides training in construction and life skills for young people who are leaving school with little aspirations or those who are unemployed with little prospects of employment.  The Self Build project was established with an ethos of increasing volunteer’s skills in construction, with its first construction project completed solely by volunteers who gained core skills for employment including health and safety, first aid and jobseeking techniques. 

The company delivers construction skills training during contracts which provides both social housing in areas of disadvantage and opportunities to increase employability and local employment, the most recent being four houses in Glenavy Gardens.  There are also benefits for young people in the role of volunteer tradesmen who pass on skills through a variety of schemes including youth intervention and Steps to Work.  The project is achieving outcomes for volunteer’s employability including core volunteer training, tackling educational under achievement, barriers to employment and skills deficits while promoting  social enterprise.  

The Self Build project is working towards self-sustainability, with profits being reinvested back into the company to support local initiatives and training for those in need of positive opportunities to increase employability.  The project is reliant upon volunteers who contribute to the successful model of engagement within communities through both manual roles and management of the business.   It is recognised that the project uses a model of volunteer participation to increase opportunities in employment and life skills for volunteers. 

It is an honour to receive the Queens Award for Voluntary Service and is testimony to the work carried out by volunteers within the project.