Micky handing over raised funds

Before Christmas Raymond (aka ‘Micky’) Cairns after many months of growing and cultivating his much-loved ponytail challenged family and friends to raise funds for him to cut it off. Micky said if they raised enough funds, he would allow them to cut the ponytail off and he would donate all proceeds raised to Resurgam Trust’s Official Charity of the Year which is Friends of the Cancer Centre.

Ana Wilkinson, Head of Fundraising for Friends of the Cancer Centre said, “We are incredibly grateful to Micky for choosing to support Friends of the Cancer Centre. The charity has been dedicated to making a real and meaningful difference to cancer patients and their families across Northern Ireland for over 35 years. We do this by funding additional nurses, supporting local research and providing practical support, such as our financial grants, which help families through a difficult time. It is only thanks to people like Micky and organisations like Resurgam Trust that we are able to provide this support. We simply could not do it without them.”

Adrian Bird, Trust Director of Resurgam Trust said, “Micky is a trusted volunteer of the Resurgam Trust and Lisburn SAFE he always goes the extra mile to help members of his community and beyond. I would like to personally thank him for his significant donation to our charity of the year “

Micky raised the fantastic amount of £810! Due to the unexpected amount raised he decided to donate 50% (£405) to the original cause Friends of the Cancer Centre and the other 50% (£405) to Cancer Fund for Children which was a previous Charity of the Year for the Resurgam Trust.

If you would like to raise funds for Resurgam Trust’s Charity of the Year, please call us on 02892 670 755.