Our Foodbank Donation

It is nearly 3 months now since we commenced our Covid- 19 Response Plan. We publish weekly figures and thoughts on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts (all links to these accounts can be found at the top of our website),  however we thought it would be useful to give a quick update here on our website.

From 23rd March to 13th June we have:

  • delivered 12,500 leaflets to homes within four Council DEA’s (LCCC)
  • made 9,344 Interventions* with the most vulnerable members of our community
  • provided 6,529 volunteer hours of support
  • made and delivered 4760 FREE ready meals to vulnerable / isolated people
  • reached out to over 267,000 people via 196 Facebook posts with a range of topics promoting self-care, parenting tips, children’s activities and local information on additional services
  • made up and delivered 42 treat packs to local care homes
  • delivered 26 International Nurses Day cake packs to local care homes
  • delivered 100 VE Day Cake Boxes to various recipients
  • delivered 120 school coursework packs to young people
  • made up and delivered 400 fresh fruit packs to homes with young families
  • made up and delivered 600 fresh vegetable packs to homes with young families
  • delivered 150 fresh meat packs to homes with young families
*An intervention can include – home visits, telephone calls made to individuals or families, organising of shopping/medication or utility top ups and delivery of sources of food

We also put out an appeal to assist our good friends at the Lisburn Foodbank and were delighted to have contributed 570KG worth of donations to them which went out to many people across Lisburn City (please see pic above)

To thank all our volunteers we recently commissioned a video to personally thank them. If you wish to view this video please click here

Whilst delivering all the above we are striving to continue the majority of our day to day work through the use of technology and smarter ways of working.