We are delighted to announce The Resurgam Trust are now JAM Card Friendly. Several of our Social Economy Businesses and projects recently completed the necessary training with their staff to allow them to gain the valuable knowledge and disability etiquette to help them provide excellent customer service when serving or assisting a person with a disability.

JAM or Just A Minute is a programme from the NOW Group which is a social enterprise based in Belfast supporting people with learning difficulties and autism into jobs with a future. JAM allows people with a learning disability, autism, or communication issues such as a brain injury to tell others they need ‘Just a Minute’ to use their service. The JAM card allows the card holder to discreetly and easily identify that they need some time and/or assistance.

Adrian Bird Trust Director has said:
“Our Board and Social Economy Business managers were 100% supportive of us investing in being JAM Friendly. In all our services we want to be as inclusive as possible. Whether it is supporting people to independently get from A to B in our Taxi’s, having breakfast at the Highway Inn & Kitchen or support with savings at our Credit Unions the Disability Awareness training and the JAM card will support our staff to recognise when people might need some time or assistance. Being a JAM Friendly Organisation will increase awareness for those who may have communication issues that help is available through the card or app. We are delighted to finally be able to promote this programme as our businesses and centres re-open.”

Leeann Kelly, Business Development Manager at NOW Group said “As business and wider society prepares to reopen it is the ideal time for organisations to consider how best to offer great service to those with communication barriers or hidden disabilities. The JAM Card was developed by NOW Group participants and offers a simple but effective way to indicate that a little more time is needed. The feedback on our training from the Resurgam Trust confirms that it is appropriate, practical and applicable to many social and business situations.”

Trish McCormick Volunteer from New Horizons Credit Union said:
“The training showed me that there are really practical things we can do in our Credit Union and in my other community roles to make it easier for people to use our services”

Chelsea Brown Assistant Manager of The Highway Inn Bar & Kitchen said:
“It has made us more aware of barriers that people may face and helped us to think about what changes we could make and how we could support each person by asking them how best we could help them as everyone is different. We are excited to promote the scheme in our business and to let people know all about JAM cards”

To learn more about the JAM Card initiative and how you as an individual or a business can support it please visit https://jamcard.org To learn more about the Resurgam Trust please visit www.resurgamtrust.co.uk

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