Our Mission Statement

to connect individuals & groups and to transform communities to create a sustainable environment within which all are proud to live, learn, play and work

Our Vision

to create social, cultural, financial and physical sustainability for the Resurgam Trust and the communities we serve

Long-term Change

The Resurgam Trust project as a whole will develop a model of effective practice for rebuilding communities which can be replicated by other communities.  The project will leave a lasting legacy which will involve strong community management structures, skilled workers and volunteers within communities, increased skills base and employment opportunities for young people, improved socio economic status, and substantial improvements in the community’s physical aesthetics.

Strategic Aims

At the Resurgam Trust we are striving for 5 key outcomes across 5 strategic themes:

  1. Powerful and Effective Communities – Leading change in partnership with local communities to improve the lives and opportunities of local people
  2. Stable and Safe Communities – Maintaining and improving community safety
  3. Sustainable Environment – Driving local improvements to ensure local places are regenerated as local people want
  4. Prosperous Local Economy – Maintaining and developing social enterprises that will create the conditions for learning and skill development that supports personal development, education and employment for local people
  5. Thriving People – Enable individuals, families and communities to maximise their potential and have control over their lives

Our Core Principles

These principles are applied across all our areas of work:

1. COLLABORATION: To ensure that the work of the Resurgam Trust is aligned with the needs of the communities and member groups it represents
2. DRIVEN: To work to transform communities so that children, young people, adults and older people are healthier, valued, feel safer and thrive
3. EQUALITY: To ensure that the ethos of social justice, equality, diversity and community development underpin the Resurgam Trust’s practice, policies and processes
4. LEADERSHIP: To lobby for positive change for the Resurgam Trust communities of interest and the Greater Lisburn area. To support and develop leadership among citizens and communities
5. COMMITMENT: To continue to promote and recognise the input of volunteers to improve outcomes for members and member groups in response to their needs through collaboration, engagement and commitment to achieve shared goals.