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Resurgam Youth Provision

Youth Provision

Resurgam currently runs a number of funded youth projects in the surrounding area. Currently funders of these projects include:

South Eastern Education & Library Board (Youth Service)

Resurgam has a service level agreement with the SEELB to deliver structured youth provision using the youth work curriculum within Old Warren and Hillhall

Big Lottery Empowering Young People Project

This project is funded through The Big Lottery Fund. The project has a number of areas of remit which are geared towards young people gaining the necessary skills and qualifications to become ready for work. It works across the greater Lisburn area and involves a number of schools including Forthill Integrated College, Lisnagarvey High School and Laurelhill Community College. The project works with young people aged between 14 – 20 years of age in a range of areas including personal development, self confidence, employability, health and safety and personal care. For further details please contact Alison Holdsworth or Vince Curry.  

Peace II I – Youth Engagement Project (Cross Community Project)

This is a Peace III funded project through Lisburn and Castlereagh Cluster Partnership. There are three partners in this Project: Lisburn PSP, Youth Initiatives and BYTES Project (Colin area)

The project aims to:

  • engage “at risk” marginalised young people and integration into personal development programmes in Lisburn Council from both Loyalist/Protestant and Republican/Catholic communities
  • reduce racism and sectarianism through single identity personal development programmes and collaborative cross-community work
  • build for the Future: building organisational capacity and sharing best practice; integrating young people into on going long-term programmes

Between these projects we have 3 full time youth workers, 11 sessional workers all supported by 32 active volunteers from within the communities

What makes us different?

  • All youth provision was initiated by the community - as the youth provision developed so did the personal and professional development of volunteers and the capacity of local communities.
  • It is not youth work in isolation - The youth work is strategically linked to the overall community development of Resurgam Trust areas and is linked in with all other community organisations, projects and initiatives.  (All youth activities are strategically planned to produce certain outcomes)
  • We work collaboratively with all stakeholders, agencies and organisations to address the needs of local communities and create change. 

Key Areas of Work

  • Education & Health (Many of our projects are designed to address the low educational attainment and increasing health issues including mental health within the area).
  • Community Relations, Equality & Diversity (CRED) – We have been involved in community relations work for years as this work is needed to ensure peace and stabilise communities. A lot of this work is now focused on integrating minority ethnic communities and we have are own BME youth project. (Resurgam has received two outstanding achievement awards for community relations)
  • Citizenship, Community Action & Political Awareness – As our work is embedded in community development we work with young people to create active citizens and the next generation of community leaders by providing training and the opportunity to take on leadership roles and bring about change within their communities. (For example 28 volunteers have completed OCN level 3 in youth work and five of our current paid youth workers came through the our youth projects)

Youth Provision


Various events which have taken place among our youth projects include the following:

SEELB Presentation Night

SEELB Presentation Night

  • 21 young people received their OCN Level in Youth Leadership
  • 13 Young People received certificates for a community relations project “Political Footballs”
  • 6 young people received Millennium Volunteers Awards

Creative Photography Project

Creative Photography

26 young people from the Lisburn South Area (Old Warren, Hillhall, Maze, Low Road) took part in the programme which saw them visit each of the above mentioned areas and through digital photography, recorded images of areas they felt needed improvement. They then returned to the centre and using digital software equipment, decided on the images they would like to see improved in the concerned areas.

Visit to the Mayor's Chamber

Visit to the Mayor's Chamber

Read the following testimonials from some of the young people involved in the above youth projects and some of their ideas regarding improvements within their areas.

Testimonial 1

Testimonial 2

Testimonial 3