Current Social Economy Enterprises:

The Resurgam Trust employs a Social Enterprise Manager, supported through an Innovation Programme with partners including Department for Communities, Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council and The Resurgam Trust. This programme delivers outcomes on social enterprise and innovation which will have an impact upon the social, economic and physical regeneration of communities and ultimately the local economy.

The project will:

  • work closely with Invest NI to develop social enterprise growth and employment opportunities within disadvantaged areas. The Resurgam Trust will be informed by government’s Economic Strategy which will ‘invest in social enterprise growth to increase sustainability in the voluntary and community sector.’
  • develop new social enterprises based on need identified by communities and statutory agencies, for example, current needs assessments indicate towards  daycare, health and wellbeing, domicilary care (care in the community) and security services.
  • implement the model designed within The Resurgam Trust strategic plan which is a cycle of regeneration based upon social enterprise and communities working in partnership to achieve sustainability.
  • work towards business skills development and training for young people and long term unemployed aimed at increasing local employment and entrepreneurship.
  • share ideas and learn from others through links with other regional and national social enterprises such as Development Trusts.

Key outcomes will include:

  • Improved professionalism in social enterprise
  • Increased positive attitudes to social enterprise by the creation of an entrepreneurial culture
  • Improved relationships between social enterprise and community activity
  • Increased skills for social enterprise developed within the community
  • Increased community capacity and participation in regeneration activities
  • Improved opportunities for local employment and training
  • Increased community ownership of assets (Community Asset Transfer)

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