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Age 15, Hilden

I have been involved with the Resurgam youth provision from the age of 11. At present I still currently attend the Hilden Community Youth group and the Hillhall/Hilden Young Men’s Group. During my involvement within the youth provision I have been afforded the opportunity to partake in cross community work through a Boat Building trip to Cork alongside acquiring a range of qualifications including a Level 1 in Equality and Diversity, Level 1 Peace and Reconciliation and accredited sexual health and drug and alcohol awareness programmes.  In the coming months I am hoping to pursue the OCN Level 1 in Youth Leadership as I would be interested in pursuing a career within youth work and community development. At present I am volunteering with the Lisburn SAFE Project commissioned by Resurgam and I am enjoying the experience which this is giving me, particularly in building up relationships within my local community and maintaining the safety of others within my community, especially the younger generation.

Through my involvement within the youth provision I have grown in confidence and maturity. My school work has seen a dramatic improvement, in that, I am more committed to acquiring qualifications, through being more aware of their value in enhancing my future employability.  The youth provision has also enabled me to establish new relationships with young people from different religious and cultural backgrounds, which has made me more receptive to differences in modern day society.

The youth provision is an essential force within my local community. It helps to keep us young people off the street, by providing us with a safe environment where we can engage in recreational activities alongside our friends.