Resurgam Trust is a community development trust but to find out exactly what this means please read on….

In short Development Trusts are community owned and led organisations which use self-help, trading for social purposes, and ownership of buildings and land, to bring about long-term social, economic and environmental benefits within their local community.

Development Trusts can operate in both urban and rural areas, often in neighbourhoods which have experienced the worst economic decline. They are independent, but work closely with the public sector, private businesses, and with other community groups.

They could be referred to as community ‘anchor’ organisations, delivering services and facilities, finding solutions to local problems, and helping other organisations and initiatives succeed.

What do they do?

Local people set up development trusts to tackle local issues and to improve the quality of life in their community. As a result, development trusts become involved in a very wide range of activities.

Despite the diversity that is reflected in what they do, all development trusts are underpinned by a strong ethos of self help and self reliance and a belief that community regeneration which is achieved through community owned enterprise and assets is the way to build strong and sustainable communities.

These are just some of the activities which development trusts are currently involved in: running local shops and post offices, developing play park and recreational facilities, managing a housing development, developing renewable energy projects such as wind farms, managed workspaces, setting up training programmes, running childcare or youth services, preserving the local heritage, restoring and conserving historic buildings, countryside ranger service, running the village petrol pump, a multi purpose arts and crafts centre, property development, tourism, environmental improvements, childcare, furniture recycling, running a sports centre, commercial forestry and woodland management.

In short, anything and everything that might help build a vibrant and sustainable community.